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Where it All Started

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Whitney, flower lover and big dreamer behind Irondale Acres Flower Farm. I grew up here at “the farm” watching my parents tend to their veggie garden, pulling weeds begrudgingly, and frolicking through the fields playing Little House on the Prairie. Never did I ever think I’d move back home after a decade away, but as they say—you can take the girl out of the little house on the prairie, but you can’t take the Laura Ingalls Wilder out of the girl!


While I was planning my wedding back in 2019, thanks to a referral from a friend, I discovered several inspiring Minnesota flower farms. I didn’t even know flower farming was a thing at the time! I didn’t really know anything about cut flowers if I’m being honest, but let’s just say I got the flower farming bug bad (iykyk), and the rest is history.


Thanks to the support of my incredible family, I jumped head first into the crazy world of growing flowers in Spring of 2020. My parents, Raye & John, deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for putting up with me and my harebrained ideas (Raye most especially—love you mom). My husband Joe has built, tilled, rigged, hauled, dug and fixed just about everything you see at the farm. Literally none of it would exist without his muscles and his selfless heart. My sister Hanna is my right hand gal who gets roped into most things we do, and makes everything better in the process! Even my brother James has been known to model bouquets for me a time or two ;) But really, he has pitched in more times than I could count, and is another Mr. fix-it around the farm.


Irondale Acres Flower Farm is a whole family affair, and our dream is for our flowers to bring joy, solace, and connection to people’s lives, one bouquet at a time!


What we do:

We grow specialty annual and perennials for farmer’s markets, our farm stand, weddings & events, and new in 2024—our weekly Bouquet Subscription! Everything is grown, planted, cared for, harvested, and arranged by our small team with so much love!


Can't wait to share the beauty with you! Follow along on social media for the most up to date farm happenings and where to find our flowers.

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